Your outdoor bed and breakfast would be so much better off with a portable solar power generator

Your outdoor bed and breakfast would be so much better off with a portable solar power generator

If you are a proud owner of a bed and breakfast establishment, you probably already know that location is everything. With everything else being equal, if your particular bed and breakfast is located in a place that people visit often or associate with some sort of national landmark or some sort of natural attraction, you probably would get a lot of inquiries.

It should not be a surprise that a lot of these places get booked very quickly. In fact some bed and breakfast get booked in advance for the whole year. I know that’s hard to believe but these places are actually well ran. To say that they are well-oiled pieces of organizational machinery would be to put it lightly.

In any kind of economic activity, only a tiny fraction of people get the lion’s share of results. This applies to wealth. This applies to land ownership. This applies to basketball skills. This applies to scientific skills. This applies to all sorts of awards including the Nobel Prize.

Why does it work this way? Well, you can blame it all on the Pareto Principle.  This is also called the 80/20 rule. Twenty percent of any population accounts for eighty percent of the results. Given these facts and these are not theories or speculations, these are actual facts. It is no surprise that the vast majority of the bed and breakfast bookings at your neck of the woods are probably taken by a small handful of establishments.

Wouldn’t it be great if your business becomes one of them? You can do something about it. If they can do it, you can do it too. Never lose sight of this fact. A lot of people are probably rolling their eyes and do not believe that this is the case. You might want to check what you believe because if you try hard enough and you put in the work, it will happen.

Just look at what you offer at your bed and breakfast. It might turn out that you’re located in a part of the world where power supply is not all that reliable. You can do something about it. Just because power is spotty from time to time doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re just going to have to take this all lying down.

You can set up your travel destination in such a way that you would have a steady source of power. What am I talking about? It’s as simple as setting up a portable solar power generator. It’s that basic.

When you have a little extra, your perceived value increases tremendously. Play the game that way and don’t be too shocked if your organization starts becoming one of the top producers of bookings in your area. Again, I hate to go back to that old saying but it’s absolutely true, “If other people can do it, you can do it too.” It’s just a matter of time.

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