Internal Upgrade HDD Options for PS4

Internal Upgrade HDD Options for PS4

If you recently acquired a PlayStation 4 or you already have one in your possession, there is no way you will not need to acquire a hard drive or add new hard drive space that will help your system run smoothly and faster. When shopping for a hard drive to upgrade HDD, it is important to know the compatibility of the hard drives with the ps4.

Seagate 1TB BarraCuda

The Seagate BarraCuda is a good hard drive for anyone who needs additional storage space on their PlayStation and is one of the best PS4 HDD options. It comes with the same spin rate as the conventional PS4 HDD, so it won’t offer a lot of extra speed since you already get additional space from the open space available on the hard drive.

Let us analyze the benefits of the BarraCuda.

  • 64 MB Cache
  • Storage options ranging from 500GB to 4TB
  • Cost effective way to upgrade device storage
  • Quiet Hard Drive
  • Two years limited warranty
  • SATA 6.0 Gb/s
  • 250 MB/s transfer rate

The Verdict

The BarraCuda is closely similar to the ps4 hard drive, but if you bought a PlayStation that features a 500 GB hard drive, then that implies that you need the extra space provided by this hard drive.

Oyen Digital 1TB Hard Drive Upgrade Kit

This Hard Disk Drive is an exceptionally effective HDD that can incorporate a little bit of additional speed into your loading times. Although it may not be the most effective ps4 hard drive, it is ideal for anyone who wants to give their system an extra speed and add some storage space. The most exciting news is that it also features the tools necessary to facilitate the upgrading process.

In view of this, we compiled some of the features of the Oyen Digital:

  • The 8-gigabyte flash drive used to transfer date from your original hard drive to the new one.
  • Features screwdriver to help remove the hard drive from the PS4
  • 72000 revolution/min spindle rate

The Verdict

Opting for a spindle rate that is higher than the conventional ps4 hard drives yields better results. Although a spindle rate of 7200 rpm’s will not deliver much extra speed compared to the regular 5400 spindle rate, you will certainly notice some difference in loading times.

WD Black Performance Desktop HDD

If you are a passionate lover of games, then I am sure you will want to have abundant space on your PlayStation.

The WD Black features a 6GB hard disk drive that has a faster spindle rate compared to the original PS4 drive, offering an increased speed compared to your original disk drive. These performances drives are better than another hard disk drive available on your PS4.

The Verdict

If you opt for this hard drive, you will need to acquire the Nyko Data Bank to link it with your system, adding to the cost you will incur. But if you are a passionate game lover and are always looking for extra space, this is perfect for you.

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