Essential Points That You Need To Know For Buying Piermont Grand Ecs

Essential Points That You Need To Know For Buying Piermont Grand Ecs

Situated at the Sumang Walk, the executive condominiums of Piermont Grand are one of the best residential spaces of Singapore. They are the only executive condos which are available for all kinds of the public in 2019 thus it has made a big rush of the applicants to get one of these. Also, these condos are very affordable if you compare its facilities to its prices i.e. $583 per sq feet.

Why these executive condos are a value buy?

In recent years, there has been a great demand for executive condos. If you look at the previous data, approximately 3000 units were sold in 2015 and 4000 units were sold in 2016 and this value kept on increasing till date. With the same increase in demand of executive condos, the joint venture of CDL and TID gave the best executive condos to the public of Singapore which are now attracting some foreign residents too, to buy or invest in these condominiums.

These condominiums are the best example of upgraded private housing and that too with stable prices. Apart from high standard lifestyle with top-notch amenities like swimming pool, parks, recreational centers, playgrounds, security services, etc, these condos have given an opportunity to the people to own a high-quality private house.

Another reason to buy these condos is that they have a minimum occupation period which is only five years while it can be as high as 10 years in other housing facilities of the country. Thus, it can be clearly said that putting your money in these condominiums is completely worth the price. You can put it on resale if you want, after five years and according to the market conditions you can earn a big percentage of profit on it.      

Who are eligible to buy these condominiums?

If you are wondering that if you are eligible to buy these amazing condominiums or not then the first and basic requirement is that the total monthly income of any household should not exceed by $14000. This means that not just one person but whole family’s total income should be within $14000 and it reflects the fact that these high quality and standard condominiums are for the sandwich people of the country who never owned a private house.

The buyer should be the resident of Singapore who should have a nuclear family i.e. a married couple with or without children or with related family members. Unmarried and Divorced people can also apply for these executive condos with a different provision that you can check on their website. Fiancée and Fiancé can also register themselves for these condos but with their parents or grandparents.

Final Words

The key point of these executive condos is their price at which you can buy them and the standard of living in these condos, both are in favor of buyers. The developers have built these condos with marvelous and jaw-dropping design and thus it leaves no reason to say no to these condos. You probably should book a condo for yourself by registering on their website. 

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