Different Materials Found In Free Standing Punching Bags And How They Perform

Different Materials Found In Free Standing Punching Bags And How They Perform

Nowadays you can find plenty of free standing punching bag on the market. All of them are essential for a proper MMA workout and they will help you develop stamina, strength, and accuracy. But, they are not the same from the inside. The main difference is in the filler materials we can find today.

Anatomy of free standing punching bags

Some of the best free standing punching bags we were able to see at the SmartMMA look the same and they have the same anatomy, but they are filled with different materials. In essence, all punching bags of this kind have a reservoir in the middle which is wrapped with layers of vinyl, foam or something else. That reservoir is filled with a specific material and it can make a massive difference in how the bag performs. It should provide accurate resistance, be gentle (reasonably) on the joints and it should simulate the weight of the opponent. This is possible thanks to the materials found inside.


Water is the most common alternative. You have it where you live, meaning that you can purchase an empty punching bag and fill it at your home or a gym. These bags are the most affordable and they are also the most affordable to fill. The resistance is an advantage and they are gentle to the joints, hands, and legs. Some even say that they are too gently.

The only drawback is the fact water may leak from the bag which is annoying and will require plenty of effort to re-fill it and to remove the water from the floor.


Yes, some free standing punching bags are filled with rocks. This is possible due to the layer of wrapping material we have mentioned already. It is reasonably gentle to your hands and legs, but it is still harder than any other alternative. One advantage is the sound these bags make when punched. You will almost want to punch it more and more every single day.

Sadly, these bags are very difficult to fill and they will require hours to process. Don’t forget that they usually last shorter than any other type, because the rocks will damage the internal layers of the bag.


Sand is the most common material found in the punching bags. Filling it just with sand won’t be very effective due to the fact it will settle at the bottom, making a bag equivalent as it was filled with rocks. Most manufacturers use additional rubber or foam inserts to make the bags immune to the settlement issue.

Sand is also very pleasant to touch and punch so we can believe that most of you will prefer the free-standing bags filled with this material. It is great and it is easy to maintain.


Choose carefully and wisely and you will get a free standing punching bag that is just perfect for your skill level, your technique and the ultimate purpose.

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