Design Your T-Shirt With The Use Of Screen Printing

Design Your T-Shirt With The Use Of Screen Printing

You will find many people in Melbourne that opt for the option of t-shirt screen printing. This option gives you the freedom to design your t-shirt in the way you want or pick a standard design that is offered by a professional who does t-shirt printing. If you want to do this job yourself, then it is important to understand the process of screen printing in a proper way. It will have an impact on the design that you choose.

Understanding the process of screen printing

There was a time when this process used to be known as silk screen printing as the screens that were used in the process were made of silk. This was a popular practice that was followed in China. Later on, the use of polymer fibre started for the purpose of making synthetic screens, this was a less expensive option.

However, before making the screen, the most important thing that is required is artwork. This will also help you understand what size of the screen you will need for the purpose of printing the design that you have chosen. Different types of designs require various features that will help in providing that perfect screen print.

Why screen printing option is the best to choose?

The colors of the t-shirts are brighter as compared to the normally printed t-shirts.

Digital printing has some limitations, but with the use of the screen printing method, you can get a larger print with the help of the screen.

This printing option is opaque, this is what makes it suitable for covering any color that is beneath it.  This method of printing is also considered the best for the white color. Dark colors generally don’t last for a very long time.

This printing option is also cost-effective and the best part is that the colors are also bright in this print.

Look for an expert Printer

There are many professionals that provide screen printing Melbourne. You can look for an expert that can do the screen printing job in a perfect way.

What to look for?

  • Choose the best design: The design that you want to get printed is something that matters the most. You can take the help of a professional for choosing the design or you can explore the online platform for finding the best design.
  • Look for quality work: Apart from the material of the t-shirt that you choose, you should also look for the printing work that is done by a professional. By exploring the website of a printer, you can easily make out the kind of work you can expect from a professional.
  • Pick the best color: The color options in screen printing also vary. You get the liberty of choosing the color that you like the most for the print that you have chosen.

If you want to have something funky in your wardrobe, then the option of screen printing is certainly the best for you.

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