Choosing the Best Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen for YouTube Videos

Choosing the Best Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen for YouTube Videos

Vlogging is entertaining and interesting, isn’t it? But it can be a bit difficult if you don’t have the right camera. Since vlogging also referred to as video blogging is all about linking up with your audience from different parts of the world through sharing your experience and opinion, it is mandatory for a vlogger to acquire a decent quality Sony vlogging camera with a flip screen, but, how do we describe a decent vlogging camera?

A decent quality camera is a device that is easy to carry around, easy to record videos and capture pictures, with durable features, something that guarantees high-quality results, which is affordable and has a compact structure.

Keeping all these information in mind, we have highlighted one of the best vlogging cameras with a flip screen, compiled by our professionals for your use.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV

This belongs to the RX100 series and is the first flip screen camera. The good thing about this camera is that it is capable of recording 4K videos, it features an F1.8 lens with an enlarged aperture captures to conveniently capture more shot. Thanks to its wide aperture, the days of capturing blurred effect background are over.

Another feature that makes the camera an excellent choice is a good image stabilization; the video doesn’t get distorted which allows you to take record while you are moving. It comes with a powerful processor which offers smooth details and generates exceptionally low noise for enthusiasts.

Key Features

Light Efficiency

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV generates light indoors automatically even in foggy days. The 20.2 MP CMOS sensor captures light with increased accuracy.

Sleek, Stylish and Compact

The camera is stylish, compact, sleek design with advanced features in a camera that can conveniently be placed in your pocket. It is encrusted with weight-saving aluminum.

Adjust Settings from the Lens

The unique fact is that you can adjust settings of aperture, zoom, and exposure from the control ring.

LCD Screen

The camera features 3 inch LCD screen that uses white magic for increased brightness.

Control Dial Built-In

Alter the settings by using the control dial.

This is a great camera but it still doesn’t come with a lot of cool features that is available at the same price or even at a cheaper price rate. For Photography enthusiasts, it is a decent quality camera as it can record quality videos and capture great images but the same is not applicable for vloggers. Vloggers may not like the features of the device. But, it solely depends on your requirement and needs. If your basic requirement is a faster auto-focus coupled with recording 4k videos or shooting in slow motion, the RX100 is the most ideal device.

With RX-100, you will discover that there is no limit to creativity and you will love the features incorporated into the device if you are willing to purchase the device though it is expensive. My advice is that if you have the money, go for it.


  • Compact, easy to carry in a pocket
  • High performance in terms of speed
  • Control ring
  • Versatile video
  • LCD screen that uses white magic for increased brightness
  • Capable of generating more light indoors
  • Powerful processor


  • Overly priced
  • Navigating the menu can take longer
  • Lacks touchscreen

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