Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews: Why Grip Size is Important

Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews: Why Grip Size is Important

If you end up purchasing a pickleball paddle that doesn’t have the right grip size, it is similar to running in shoes that don’t fit. According to data sourced from the best pickleball paddle reviews on, smaller grips enable you to perform numerous tasks, which improves control and makes it easier to incorporate spin into the ball. Increased wrist movement also enables you to add extra power to your serve.

For the larger grip, it will help boost your stroke stability and at the same time ease the strain on your elbow, shoulder joints and wrist. However, you must be careful when using a paddle handle that is too bulky as it can lead to an elbow strain.

This can lead to joint/elbow pain, especially after playing for a long period. A major factor when selecting the paddle is how to determine the correct grip size. Therefore, always ensure that you take the measurement of your grip and select your pickleball paddle accordingly.

If you have been involved in the tennis or racket sports in one way or the other, I am sure you have already learned about coating the grip with “overgrip” or tape to adjust the circumference length to better match your personal preference and hand size.

If you purchase a high-quality paddle, they often feature a premium grip which enhances the comfort and also soak up the sweat. However, if the reverse is the case and your paddle was equipped with an inferior grip, I suggest that you replace the stock grip with a new superior grip.

One of the overlooked features of pickleball accessories is the grip.

The replacement of the existing paddle grip or the incorporation of an additional layer of overgrip to your existing grip can help match your perfect size to enhance your comfort and playing style. Proper grip size is vital and helps to find the right pickleball paddle.

How to measure your grip size.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you can always increase size via the incorporation of an overgrip, but there is no way to reduce the grip size, so when in doubt, opt for a size that is lesser (⅛ to ¼ smaller) and then add tape or overgrip to match your grip size as required. Most paddles feature standard grips with a size ranging from 4 to 4 ½ inches.

Ring Finger Measurement

A pickleball player can take the measurement of his/her grip size with a ruler to know the ideal grip size.

Take the distance from the topmost layer of your ring finger, to the middle section of your palm. Note that there are three creases in your palm and you are expected to stop at the middle crease.

Natural Grip

To check the accuracy of the grip size, hold the paddle firmly with your usual natural grip. Afterward, slide your index finger and position it between the heel of the grip hand and your fingers. You should be capable of fitting your finger tightly without resorting to moving your fingers.

If you have enough space between your fingers and the heel and your index finger does not link up, it implies that the grip is too big. If you have to shift your fingers to allow your index finger to fit the space, the grip might be too constricted. If you are to make a choice between two sizes, select the smaller size.

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