Back-to-Eden Gardening in Rural France

Back-to-Eden gardening is a gardening method that is based on the Christian Bible. According to the bible, God has given covering on planet Earth and has provided everything Adam needed to survive.

Moreover, before the fall, the Bible instructs us that Adam tended the soil. He didn’t sweat over it. He wasn’t sweating blood and tears. It wasn’t an ordeal. Instead, he tended the soil. It’s as if he had a rake, and he would just casually pull out weeds and move stuff from place to place and all the Earth’s bounty would spring up.

That’s the kind of impression you get from Genesis before the Original Sin and the fall of mankind. Things were easier and smoother until, of course, God cursed Adam with hard work.

This is exactly the kind of horticulture back-to-Eden gardening seeks to bring farmers back to. The idea is when we work with Mother Nature, instead of farming involving a lot of hassles, sweating and disappointment, it actually can be a very fulfilling, rewarding, nutritious and easy activity.

A lot of people are shocked with back to Eden gardening because they for the first time realized how easy it is to grow food that is 100% natural and organic and self-sustaining. You have to understand that in any outdoor area, even in the desert, there will always be living things. There will always be plants there.

The question that you should be asking is how do these plants take care of themselves? How do they continue to live year after year and regardless of the fact that there is no active human intervention? It’s not like human beings were irrigating these things.

This is especially true if you go to the Pacific Northwest of the United States. You see great rainforests being sustained by the canopy floor.

This is what back-to-Eden gardening is really about. It uses mulching using degraded, shredded or otherwise discarded organic material from plants. When you grind these up, and you cover the ground with them, they release nutrients to the soil slowly. When you layer on compost made from animal manure or worm castings, you create the ideal conditions for a self-sustaining garden.

All of this probably hasn’t impressed you yet. Here’s the kicker. If you do back-to-Eden gardening correctly, you do not have to water your plants. Amazing, right? The thick mulch has enough moisture to sustain plants that are already established. This doesn’t mean that you’re not going to water whatsoever. Obviously, when you plant a seed into the compost layer of a back-to-Eden garden, you’re going to have to water it so it germinates properly.

However, once it has established meaning once it broke through the shavings or wood chips and it has grown to a certain length, you can safely stop watering it. The ecosystem in your Eden garden will sustain the plant.

It really is mind-blowing because many back-to-Eden gardeners in rural France and elsewhere are able to plant year after year and not have to worry about crop rotation, letting the land go fallow because it’s all natural. The nutrients are recycled, and Mother Nature sustains everything. Sounds awesome, right?

The good news is if back-to-Eden gardening works in rural France, it can work in your backyard as well.