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Welcome to moulinchezlord.com. This website is dedicated to helping travelers from all over the world enjoyed the distinct charms and beauty of French cottages. We’re talking about great rural vacations in France.

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French Countryside Vacation

France Vacation

A lot of people think that a great French vacation ultimately revolves around visiting Paris and nothing else. Don’t get us wrong.

French Culture

Paris definitely has a lot to offer. Whether we’re talking about the Louvre or the Eiffel tower, the west bank, the Left Bank.

French People

There are just so many awesome things about France. After all, this is the culture capital of the planet, an amazing city.

Cottage Vacation

A lot of people might disagree with that because they might think that the cultural capital of the world would be around New York.

France History

If you look at fairly recent history, and we’re talking about three hundred or even five hundred years, France, whether we like it or not.

France Weather

A lot of the things that are happening in France whether it involves politics, literature, culture are fashion, has a distinct way.

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People do not necessarily have to copy and paste French culture for France to have an effect. They may even just start some sort of cultural discussion.

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